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Political Institutions and Data

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ACE Project
Lijphart Elections Archive
Zárate's Political Collections
ICL: Constitutional Documents and Country Information
Japanese Constitution
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Japan South Korea


Governments on the WWW: Japan
Political Resource Japan

National Diet Library

Statistics Bureau and Statistics Center
Japan Politics
Aisainfor.org: Japan
Study of the Japanese Policy (Duke)
Roper Center for Public Opinion
Association for Promoting Fair Election
Japan Politics Central
Japan Politics Information Central
Japan Politics Guide
Foreign Press Center Japan
JEI (Japan Economic Institute)

Japan Today   
Center for Political Public Relations (Seiji-koho)  
Governments on the WWW: Korea
Political Resource Korea
National Assembly Library
Korea National Statistical Office
Korea.net: Gateway to Korea
Aisainfor.org: Korea
Korean via the Web  
Korean Gallup
People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy

Korea Scope
Korea Web Weekly

KSDC(Korean Social Science Data Center)
KDI (Korea Development Institute)
Korean Association for Survey Research
South Korea WWW Virtual Library
UCLA Korean Studies 
Governments on the WWW: Taiwan
Political Resource Taiwan
Taiwan Libraries
Taiwanese National Statistics
Aisainfor.org: Taiwan
Taiwan Government Information Office
Taiwan Studies Institute
Taiwan Document Project
Taiwan at Online
Taiwan Politics (Chinese)
Taiwan Security Research
Taiwan Network Information Center
Taiwan Studies
Conference Group on Taiwan Study

Government Sites
Central Election Management Council
House of Councillors (Sangiin)
House of Representatives (Shugiin)

Prime Minister of Japan

MOF (Ministry of Finance)

METI (Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunication
Economic and Social Research Institute
Supreme Court
Board of Audit of Japan
National Election Commission
National Assembly  

National Assembly Act
Office of the President
Executive Branches

MOFE (Ministry of Finance and Economy)

Ministry of Planning and Budget
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minstry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
KFTC (Korea Fair Trade Commission)
Supreme Court
Board of Audit and Inspection
Taiwanese Central Election Commission
The Legislative Yuan
National Assembly
The Office of the President

The Executive Yuan

MOF (Ministry of Finance)
Economic Planning and Development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs  
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Economic Affair
Fair Trade Commission
The Control Yuan
The Examination Yuan
Political Parties
Jiyu Minshu-to (Liberal Democratic Party)
Minshu-to (Democratic Party)
New Komei-to (New Clean Government Party)
Nihon Kyosan-to (Communist Party of Japan)
Shakai Minshuto (Social Democratic Party of Japan)
Jiyuu Rengou (Liberal League)
Shin Shakaito (New Socialist Party)
Hannara Dang (Grand National Party)
Minju Dang (Millenium Democratic Party)
Jayu Minju Yonmaeng (United Liberal Democrats)
Minkook Dang (Democratic Peoples Party)
Minju Nodong Dang (Democratic Labor Party)
Kukmintonghap 21

Minchu Chinpu Tang (Democratic Progressive Party)
The Kuomintang (Nationalist Party)
Ch'in Min Tang (People First Party)
Taiwan Solidarity Union
Hsin-Tang (New Party)
Taiwan Green Party
Taiwan Independence Party
Newspapers in English
Asahi Shimbun
Daily Yomuri
Japan Times

Mainichi Shimbun
Nihon Keizai Shimbun


Korea Herald
Korea Times
China Post
Taiwan Headlines

Taipei Times


Taiwan News Stand

Asia General

AccessAsia links
Asian Affairs.com
Asia Foundation
Asian on Demand
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Asia Society Publication
Asia Times
Oriental Economist
Reuters Asia

Asia Studies

Australian National University: Asian Studies
Australia APEC Study Center
Cornell University --East Asia Program
Council on East Asia Libraries
Columbia Univeristy East Asian Institute
Duke University -- The Asian/Pacific Studies Institute of Duke University
East Asian Collections (US)
East Asian Libraries Cooperative WWW
East and Southeast Asia
Harvard University Asia Center
IDE APEC Study Center
Indiana Univeristy East Asian Studies Center
Ohio State University East Asian Studies Program
Princeton University, East Asian Studies Department
Stanford University -- Dept. of Asian Languages
UC Berkeley--Institute of East Asian Studies
UCSD Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
UCLA International Institute
UCLA Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library
University of Chicago Center for East Asian Studies
University of Hawaii --Asian and Pacific Studies
University of Illinois Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
University of Iowa -- Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
University of Michigan Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
University of Southern California, East Asian Studies Center
University of Virginia, East Asia Center
University of Washington Asian Languages and Literature
University of Wisconsin East Asian Studies Program
Washington University

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